Life as it is……….

Past days have been a roller coaster ride! I have felt the utmost pain and extreme joy… Crazy right?

But life’s like that pals, ‘you think you will not survive but then you do!’

Read the quote somewhere and loved it. I have been on the brink to give up on the most precious relationships of life and at the same time taken hundred blows to save it. It’s funny how oxymoron it sounds.

But these ups and downs of life teach you one thing for sure.. “YOU ARE TAKING LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY” and it’s high time you stop doing that.

Let me first tell you a little about myself, I am an OCD impacted person (Yes! I’ve read Psychology and know what that stands for peeps) and a major Over-thinker. Which means, that I create stuff in my imagination(which is most likely to happen) and recall all possibilities of it happening in different scenarios, good and bad (mostly bad). Over-thinkers are a puppet at the hands of their minds and its vicious puns. However, stopping that from happening is also absolutely in the individuals hands at one go. probably you can stop that from happening for like only five minutes but the solution is not that.

I’ve been planning to read the book ‘The Subtle art of not giving a F*ck’. probably it will help me to not worry about stupid events to which i give importance. Have you ever wondered” what if I was not in the body that I am and probably have been seeing the World from a different body.. what would have I thought of me(the present me)… Would have life been any simpler or more harsh that way. Does the person seeing me right now thinking the same thing?” such questions amuse me, but with these thoughts, I feel the motivation to put out the best of myself out there, and to not give any more importance to things/people/activities than required.

I’m sure there is a platform out there which unites people like me, who are searching for their purpose, the reason of their presence in this world and how to put hte time to best use..