The trapped warrior!

Yet another message erased without sending, yet another pain I gulp,

for I know its better to stay silent than bring the usurp

How bad I miss the friend I had, always there to talk,

now the mister watches every move, to point the nasty fault.

What I have right now is way too precious to loose!

but I know for sure that you won’t approve.

You used to be on my side, fencing the evil abide,

now the same person allies with the other to take the revengeful hide

No big words, no story to tell

for there is a volcano inside me and I cant yell!

In search for a friend, to pour my heart out

I wander here n there among the crowd

And yet when the phone flashes a dim light,

I hopefully look for your message to arrive!

For so long now I have been dismayed,

the lights tell me that I have been played

Please bring me the time machine

Or else ill loose my serine

Clinging by every hope I find 

The trapped warrior lurks behind.